Suggestions for the Glyphs Blog

As you might have noticed, the Glyphs website has been overhauled. I am contributing blog entries and wanted to ask the forum members for suggestions for the upcoming topics. So, what would you like to read about in the blog?

A series of articles showing examples of scripting Glyphs would be helpful. You could build on the complexity in each one, showing practical examples of how to use the stuff that is already documented.

Also, an article about producing final production fonts would be great.

Those are great ideas. Also:

  • The possibilities of custom parameters.

  • Clear discussion of the bracketed weight layer trick.

  • Suggested walkthrough of a kerning workflow.

Can you enable comments under the blog entries?

Thanks for all the suggestions so far! Keep them coming and stay tuned.

@dadastudio I don’t know if the CMS allows that. In any event, you can always react in the forum. It won’t go unnoticed, I promise.

How about this? ;) Alternating Glyph Shapes

Attention: make sure you update to version 1.3.9 first. There was a bug in 1.3.8 where the bracket trick could lead to data loss.

+1. That would be the optimal place for follow-up discussion. It's really unwieldy to try to start a related discussion over here.
Scripting Glyphs … I'm preparing a few installments. Did you mean, for people who know Python already or for absolute scripting beginners?
I took the liberty and made a short tutorial video about kerning. I find it difficult to suggest a certain workflow because, in my experience, all font projects I’ve worked on have been very different in this regard. But I hope the video does give you an idea about group kerning etc.

…for people who know Python already or for absolute scripting beginners?

That really depends on who is actually buying and using Glyphs. You guys know more about that than me.

I just followed the steps on the blog and gonna say: this is really really helpful, clear and easy to understand. thank you mekkablue

An entry about creating production fonts with Glyphs would be helpful. Information about what custom fields are actually necessary would be especially helpful.

Information about the various configuration files that Glyphs uses and how to reconfigure them would also be nice.

A blogpost about custom parameters is in the works.

Production fonts? Do you mean the AFDKO files Glyphs creates in the temp folder?

The only thing I do special to my fonts is to manually set some vertical metrics to get the same line spacing for all weights. Other than that, you get production fonts by simply exporting :wink:

Other than that, you get production fonts by simply exporting :wink:

Oh. Well that’s good!

When will the latest version of Glyphs be available on the appStore?
I kind of regret buying it there since the updates come way later than the regular one :frowning:

Should I make a blog post about it? I could warn early adopters :slight_smile:

If you guys are going to create blog posts and video tutorials about type design you should re-use them in a separate web site that teaches typeface design. I hear a lot of type designers talk about wanting to do this but not having the time. And graphic designers are always begging for it. This could be a great contribution to design education and great marketing.

a separate web site that teaches typeface design
Like, which one?
Or did you mean that we make one?

We could start with a collection of useful resources. There are interesting bits and pieces all over the place.