Superior and Inferior Unicodes

Is there a reason why the following aren’t automatically added in Glyphs?

period.sups F6E8
comma.sups F6E2
plus.sups 207A
minus.sups 207B
equal.sups 207C
parenleft.sups 207D
parenright.sups 207E
zero.subs 2080
one.subs 2081
two.subs 2082
three.subs 2083
four.subs 2084
five.subs 2085
six.subs 2086
seven.subs 2087
eight.subs 2088
nine.subs 2089
period.subs F6E7
comma.subs F6E1
plus.subs 208A
minus.subs 208B
equal.subs 208C
parenleft.subs 208D
parenright.subs 208E

Do you mean why those glyphs don’t get a unicode?
There are different names defined for those code. Search for the codes in the Glyph Info window.