SuperTools not working in 3.0

For some reason, I can’t make SuperTool work in version 3.0. It shows up in the menu bar as expected, but nothing happens when I turn on Show Curvature. In version 2.6.5 it works without any issues.

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I have the same issue, except that when I try to select nodes with Supertool on, Glyphs 3 crashes.

I believe that SuperTool needs to be updated to work with Glyphs 3.


Similar things here, but I see different contextual menu with Balance and Harmonize options too, without Show coverage and Volume slider.

Any updates on this? None of the visualization (curvature, Tunni Lines etc) seems to appear.


Was wondering if there had been any development on getting supertools to work with Glyphs 3. Installed from the plugin manager today but no joy - tunni lines and curvature greyed out and nothign showing in the contextual menu.


I’m also facing the problem, that in Glyphs3 the “harmonize” function does work, but the “curvature” does not show up.

Any ideas if this is a problem because the plugin needs to be updated or does I have to install something in addition to the “vanilla” module?

The plug-in needs an update. For the curvature visualization, you can also use SpeedPunk, available for free in the plug-in manager. It does the same job, but a little slower because it’s coded in Python.

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Thank you very much for the quick response and the tip!
Gonna use this until SuperTool is updated👍🏻

Looking forward to Supertool getting 3.0 compatibility! I’ll use SpeedPunk in the meantime.

Is anyone else unable to get either SuperTool curvature or SpeedPunk working in Glyphs 3.0?

I’ve installed the SpeedPunk plugin, but it appears neither in the View menu nor the right-click context menu.

Speedpunk also requires the vanilla module. Make sure you install both via the plug-in manager and you restart the app. Then it should be available as View > Show SpeedPunk.

Thanks for the help! I’ve got the vanilla module and SpeedPunk installed (the latter reinstalled after adding the vanilla module) – but still no luck.

In the plugin manager, SpeedPunk appears as installed.

But it’s still totally absent from the view menu :thinking: