Support for the Tirhuta script

I am working on designing a new Tirhuta script font. The Unicode block for Tirhuta is U+11480–U+114DF. The Tirhuta script is used to write the Maithili language and Sanskrit language (India and Nepal).

I am adding the character designs in glyphs, but unable to figure out how to type it. I tried changing the keyboard layout but no support for the Tirhuta script was found. I am learning font design and am new to the Glyphsapp. Please guide.
Thank you.

Have you read this:

You can make yourself a keyboard layout or use Cmd+F to add glyphs to the edit view by name.

Hi Jayant,

That’s going to be a big project – a font for a complex script like Tirhuta isn’t the typical starter project…

You may want to join the Unicode Slack group, which has a Tirhuta channel with some knowledgeable people. @erinmclaughlin can get you in.

To build a simple keyboard layout, you might try the Ukelele keyboard layout editor:
If you’re planning to type lots of text, you can probably get better results for more work from Keyman:

Good luck!

Thank you so much for you prompt response.
I was able to add the glyph data with the help of EditGlyphData app.
I tried making a keyboard with the help of Ukelele app. I was unable to figure out what value to assign to some conjuncts like क्ष त्र ज्ञ. Please guide.

Thank you so much for your reply.
I have sent an email request to @erinmclaughlin, please add me to the Unicode Slack group.

You probably don’t need conjuncts on your keyboard. For testing your font, it’s best of the keyboard supports entry of the individual Unicode characters of the script. To enter a conjunct such as क्ष, the user then types the underlying Unicode characters, here क ् ष. It’s the responsibility of your font to substitute the sequence of glyphs for the individual Unicode characters with the conjunct glyph क्ष.

Sure, thank you.