Support UFOs held together by a .designspace file?

I want to maintain an interpolateable font in a set of UFOs for easier version control and making it possible for people without Hack—, erm, Macintoshs to contribute (grumble). Glyphs can do UFOs, but working on Interpolation is cumbersome without a .glpyhs file holding everything together. Is there support for designspace files on the roadmap that would handle approximately like a .glyphs file?

You can use .glyphs file for version controls just as well and you can build fonts from them using:
I thought about adding support for design space but didnt had time for it, yet.

I know, but a .glyphs file is a single file on disk and I’d like to have the UFO convention of a file per glyph for version control. I also know about glyphsLib and how fontmake can use it to generate UFOs and binaries, but that won’t solve the cross-platform contribution problem, at least not cleanly. And I’ve not seen evidence that .glyphs is a long-term stable, openly specified file format.

I could theoretically store exported UFOs next to the master glyphs file, but I don’t want to.

Did you see

Glyphs files are not long term stable (but don’t change much either) but are openly documented:

I’ve seen it.

I guess I have to wait until you find the time to implement designspace support.

You can do it yourself. Isn’t the UFO-universe about building you own tools :wink:


Is that possible without the source code of Glyphs?

That is possible with a file type plugin. Have a look at for details.

Alright, will have a look.

If you have any question, I’m happy to help.