SVG font troubles HELP PLS


When I threw the PNG files to layer iColor - App is crashes
More precisely - when I throw the pictures-all is well, but if i go to the “font” tab - app is crash

Help please

If i rename Layer to other name - all is ok

And New problem
When im export font with PNG pics - font is empty

I want to create OpenSVG font with transparency


Did you read this tutorial:
Then you can export it as SVG with this custom parameter in an instance; SBIX to SVG and add the pixel size you like to get into the SVG as a value.


I tried to do everything as it is written in the instructions.
Photoshop gives empty squares :frowning:

And a little strange when exporting

I think I’m going crazy. Please help :face_with_head_bandage:


Help me please
I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.


Did you scale your images properly before placing them? Not in Glyphs, but in a pixel-based image-editing app.


Probably no
that’s what I’m doing:

  • draw in a raster
  • I cut in PS
  • export to PNG from AI (trim by letters)
    the difficulties begin here
  • create iColor (what value should be entered?) layer
  • Add the custom parameter Color Layers to SVG
  • Export
    I get a file with coalesced letters (picture above), and empty letters in PS

I opened a free font through the application and saw that there are 2 layers: iColor (a number that I did not understand) and svg

PS when i add SBIX TO SVG 1 - getting an error

I feel that the truth is somewhere near😄


The number next to iColor is the size in pixels.