SVG images not importing in latest version

It seems that I can no longer import SVG images using the latest version of Glyphs (or the Beta for that matter). I’ve created several SVG fonts successfully using the past version. When I drag and drop an svg graphic (onto a duplicated layer titled ‘svg’), like I have many times in the past, nothing imports. It works fine if I drag in a png graphic. In addition to my newest font, I’ve tried this with my previously created svg fonts, and older svg graphics, to make sure I was exactly replicating what I did in the past. No luck.

Can you replicate this on your end? Is there any way to ‘revert’ my update so that I can use the previous version?

Thank you

I see. I’ll fix it. Until then, add at the .svg and then save and re-open the document. Then the images will show.