SVG Import in Glyphs Version 1.3.19 (485)

I just installed Glyphs from the Mac App Store Version 1.3.19 (485)
and SVG import does not seem to work.

I understand that dragging an SVG file from Finder on to an empty glyph should import the outline from the SVG. Instead what seems to happen is that a single point is created and that’s all. The outline is not imported.

I’ve tried this with multiple SVG files including one that consists of nothing more than a single closed path with 4 straight line segments.

I really need SVG import to work. If there are limits as to the SVG features that can be imported, please let me know - I can clean up the SVGs before import if necessary - but right now the simplest possible SVG doesn’t produce anything useful.

This is supposed to just work out of the box right?

Can you send us one of the SVGs that don’t work?
support at this domain

I did some more experimentation and it looks like there’s a problem with the way Glyphs is parsing the d attribute of the SVG path element.

This path imports correctly and produces a shape in Glyphs:

This one doesn’t:

Note the spaces after the M and L commands in the path that fails to import.

The specification for an SVG path allows spaces, so this is definitely a problem with Glyphs, but since I’m generating the SVG for the paths myself, now that I understand the issue I can work around this by not generating them with spaces following the commands.

This would be a good one to get fixed in Glyphs though.

For your test case, you could use the first example from the SVG spec in the paths section (at since that path also has spaces following the commands and also fails to import correctly:

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no"?>

Example triangle01- simple example of a 'path' A path that draws a triangle

Thanks for the details. Will fix that, soon.