SVG problems between Inkscape and Glyphs Mini

I’m very new to this, but think something is wrong here: Many svg files created in Inkscape appear to be corrupt and won’t be dragged into Glyphs Mini (trial version). And if I try copy and paste, it crashes Glyphs Mini. If I try an svg I know to be ok with copy/paste, it works - leading me to believe that something is wrong with the file. Any ideas here? I’m wasting time recreating svg files until I get one that ‘works’ in Glyphs Mini.

Can you send me some of the .svg files?

Sure, how do I do that on here? Or do you mean upload them to this thread?

Send me a direct message here in the forum and attach a .zip of the files.

Erm, I really can’t see how to do that in here!

I elevated your user level. You should now be able to upload files.

Thanks, but I doesn’t seem that I can upload svg files. Some letters I redo over and over and they just won’t drag into Glyphs Mini.

Compress the SVG files into a .zip file. Zip files can be uploaded to this forum.

Are you saving as Inkscape svg or plain svg? Inkscape svg won’t import into Glyphs (it has lots of Inkscape-specific stuff), but I’ve had no difficulty importing plain svg saved by Inkscape.

I’ve tried both - I’ve been fine with Inkscape SVG, but it’s just some files are not importing what ever I try.

The .svg contains some extra data that Glyphs mini doesn’t like. It seems to be a preview image? And the outlines contain a stroke. Font only support flat, filled outlines.

So save the image in the most basic format, without meta-data.

Thanks for that - though this basic process is still annoyingly a problem. I guess saving in Inkscape as an Optimized SVG allows me to remove metadata (why is there metadata anyway?) but I can’t save like this and get an error - I’ve posted a fuller query in Inkscape forum, but basic file using isn’t the sort of thing I thought I’d need to be asking about in the early stages of using Glyphs and SVG files - it’s pretty frustrating!

I should say too that I have googled and googled but can only find this (my own) question coming up. It isn’t helping any search that Glyphs itself is named so generically!


Did you get a response on the Inkscape forum?

Not a thing!

Instead of exporting SVG, can you try copying and pasting? Make sure it is flattened outlines only (no strokes).

As I said at top of page, copy/paste with these files crashes Glyphs.

What exactly is the open question still? If the SVGs are flattened properly, i.e., no strokes and no embedded bitmaps, it should import fine.

We cannot help you with Inkscape in the Glyphs forum, obviously. But you could post-process the SVGs and fix the files with third-party tools. A Google search for ‘flatten svg’ or ‘minify svg’ brings up a few interesting results.