SVG Scaling/Positioning issue

I’ve been working through building an SVG typeface, but letters with a descender don’t seem to be pulled beyond the baseline after I export, is this because it scales all images to be one size?


The small anchors are only needed for sbix. Are you sure you are looking a the SVG export. Maybe this helps: SVG font issues!

The link was my post yesterday, that solved the spacing issue but I am not sure why the glyphs appear in the correct place in the Glyphs software but after export all seem the same height positioned at 0.0?

I could send you the file if easier?

I can have a look at the file.

Thanks for the file. I exported in the latest version and it works fine. So please update to the latest cutting edge version.

It worked!!!

Seriously appreciate the help you guys provide in such short time :slight_smile: