Swapping background and foreground [3096-97]

G3.0.4 [3097], macOS 10.13.6

Discovered this in [3096] just yesterday and it still manifests in [3097].
When swapping background with foreground using Cmd-Ctrl-J, it locks the exchanged outlines in the foreground at least so far as viewing goes. If I try to use an arrow key to move the outlines, they do not move. This only affects the foreground. So…

  1. After exchanging, if I select the outlines and Cut & Paste them, an arrow key will move the outlines after the Cut & Paste operation.
  2. After exchanging, if I immediately select the outlines and try to move them using an arrow key the outlines do not move until I select the outlines, do a Cut & Paste, which then puts them into the new position reflecting the attempted move with an arrow key, and can then be moved with an arrow key.
  3. After exchanging, if I immediately select the outlines and try to move them using an arrow key, the outlines do not move – until I move the cursor or just click once with the mouse – then the nodes and handles move, leaving the outlines where they are until I do a Cut & Paste which reunites everything in the new position. Then the outlines can be moved using an arrow key.

Filed the issue. And added a potential fix. This started in beta build 3095. So, builds before that will work for this.

Thanks for the report.

This should be fixed in 3098.

It was.

Hi all,
I’m actually still seeing a similar issue — on Glyphs [3105]

The Edit view gets stuck after “Swap with Background”. Please see attached screen recording gif. The only way I can currently resolve this issue is to restart Glyphs, so please let me know if there is a workaround or update for this.

  1. Have paths in the foreground and background
  2. Perform a “Swap with Background”
  3. Edit a node positon


  • Path is updated according to edit


  • Node is detached as a “ghost” point, and the path preview is no longer updating.
  • Undoing does not properly undo the move
  • If I undo a few times, I see the updated path in the background
  • I need to restart Glyphs to clear this error


  • MacOS 12.0.1
  • Glyphs 3.0.4


This was previously reported and should be fixed in the next update.