Swapping default and alternate glyphs

Let’s say I have two 'a’s on my typeface. One of them being the ‘default’ ‘original’ ‘a’ and the other being an alternative to this ‘a’, which I named ‘a.ss08’. Because it’s an ‘a’, I have also this alternate ‘a’ with all needed diacritics, so I have 'aacute.ss08, ‘agrave.ss08’ and so on. So let’s say I want to swap. I want my current alternate ‘a.ss08’ to be my ‘default’ ‘a’ and my current default ‘a’ to become the alternate ‘a.ss08’. Is there a fast way to do this? Thanks!

There is a parameter called Replace Glyphs that does exactly that, for the instances you intend it for.

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And how do I use it and/or apply it? I want it for all instances and masters.

You simply rename the glyphs if it’s for the whole font. You use the parameter in the instances if just for some instances.

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Ok! Will try that! Thank you so much, Rainer!

So, what’s the correct syntax for doing that?