Swapping glyphs from stylistic sets

I’m new to Glyphs so apologies if this is obvious, but I have a font in which I need to swap the standard lower case g (which is double countered) with the stylistic alternative (which isn’t). Obviously I need to do this for all the accented characters too. If I copy/paste I’ll have to reset all the kerning which is different. Is there a way to swap the glyphs and kerning data without resorting to copy and paste?


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There is a script that does this by Mark at Github.



Thanks so much for posting this response @Realist. I’ve tried it out and it works beautifully, and it has saved me a huge amount of time!

Mark doesn’t have this on his GitHub any more… any idea why?
Trying to find a solution for the same problem as the OP.

Have I missed something obvious?


The url changed a few months ago. Here is the new one:

amazing, thanks so much!