Swash caps

What kind of feature code do I use for swash caps ?

In Glyphs it works if I make a custom feature named “swsh” but would it be more safe to use a stylistic set (ss01 etc).

This probably affects the naming of the swash glyphs as well ?

I’m asking because I didn’t find a particular suffix for swashes in the handbook or help.

The Swash feature is a place to put the glyphs. You have to check if the feature is available in all apps you intend to use the font. The support for the different stylistic features (ssXX, salt, swsh …) is different in the Adobe App and very partially in Quark.

I’m reviving this question because I’m also in the same boat. I have some swash caps, which i’ve named X.swsh. However I’d also like them to be accessible through stylistic sets. X.swsh.ss02 or X.ss02.swsh does not seem to generate automatic features. (neither ss02 OR swsh). Do I need to do this manually? or duplicate glyphs?

Just adding two suffixes does not work. It would mean it is a stylistic alternate of a swash glyph. So you need to copy the feature code manually.

ok, i get it.thanks!