Switch from app store to single app

Hello, how to switch licence from app store to single app?
the app store one is always outdated compared to the single app.

right now the app store glyphs won´t start on 10.8, the single one does!


I have been told that Apple's license terms are somewhat restrictive and do not allow switching from the Appstore.

Well, I need the latest updates. And the appstore version is way outdated.

I would like to echo this. It is frustrating how slow the AppStore versions are being updated. I know this is out of Georg’s control, but it is frustrating nonetheless.

To be honest - I don´t care what Apple´s license terms are - I am just looking forward to receive a working piece of software and I am looking forward as well to the solution georg is going to provide us.

thanks for your understanding

It indeed is a little frustrating. I bought it from the app store to avoid VAT (which shouldn’t be charged for non EU residents) and turns out updates takes much longer than the stand alone version.

Any updates on this one by the developers? thank you

There where several issues (not related to the App Store) that I needed to fix before submitting to the App Store. But it should be finished later today.

Dear Mr Seifert,

still no update today. I want to trade in the licence to a regular one. Please contact me how to do this.

thank you

Still no update!

“27 Aug 2012” - But it should be finished later today.

  1. Sept 2012 - still no update.

Requesting status of this update asap.

My update from app store is 1.3.7
I contacted Apple Store today, because this is not acceptable for me. I missed out seven updates so far.

As customer I would appreciate, if the situation could be solved in a nice way.

Thank you.

It really should be as simple as handing standalone app license to appstore glyphs owners, while things are not working in the appstore. I just saw the many improvements in Glyphs and would really like to use them…

Exactly this is unfortunately not permitted by Apple’s terms. :-(

Thanks for clarifying that mekkablue. I’d suggest proactively letting us know how things are going. I for one am going insane not seeing glyphs app everytime an update pops on the app store.

This whole thing is a cul de sac.
I will no longer waste time and definitely not spend more money for a second licence. That’s it for me with glyphs.

http://www.daisydiskapp.com/support.php this is interesting. And ultimately, apple is not really benefitting from their policy…

AFAIK Apple rejected the last couple of submissions. The problem at hand, as I understand it, has to do with Apple’s new and somewhat restrictive sandboxing policy. Glyphs is by far not the only application affected, just google “sandboxing appstore”.

It’s interesting to see, but what kind of information or system data is glyphs really accessing that’s such a big threat to the sandboxing requirement other than maybe the report whenever the app crashes… Of course I know bullocks about it, just wondering really.

echoing all the messages from users above concerning app store.
me need new version!