Switch off position inheritance of a component?

Is it possible, to switch off position inharitance of a component?

Either in Font Info > Others > Disable Automatic alignment or by right clicking the component and picking the same command.

Unfortunately, that is not what I have in mind.
By default, a component does always inherit the (relative) position of its parent. Even if automatic alignement is off. So, if you move the original path, the component will be moved acordingly.
And thats what I would like to prevent. Or in other words. A component that only inherits the form, not the (relative) position…

So. Not possible at all?

They are two hacky solution :
Lock the Component to prevent position changement.
Use Metric Keys with == (ex: ==50), to lock side bearings.

Does not work!

Only X-Axis :frowning:

You can add an “*origin” anchor to the base glyph. As long as you move it along the path, it the components should stay in place. But normally the components are supposed to inherit the shapes (and its positions).

What are you trying to do?


I had this in mind, but forgot the “*”. But the anchor has to be moved along with the path. Not fool proof, but works…

I have accents, which have the same form, but not the same distance to the glyph. And every time I change the distance in the uppercase, the lowercase will be influenced. too

I think you can duplicate your accents and add .cap.
If you select your uppercases and Apply Glyph>Create composite, it will update your uppercases and switch your accent to accent.case

Check this tutorial for more infos.

That is what anchors are for. (Edit: just saw that Georg already replied.)

You cannot subtract position entirely from form. Because moving a shape is equivalent to moving all nodes. And you do want to preserve changes of the shape (=node movements), but not the position (=node movements). So you need an anchor as reference.

That’s clear.
But in some cases - especially to fix old odd files - it could be handy and less time consuming to simply switch this behavior off, rather than re-organize everything.

Interesting. f I change the sidebearing of a “parent” in a way that the path will be moved x +50 (eg width=300 and right sb to “=|”), the composite will not be affected. So there is a way for the x axis but not for y…

…That’s because the composite (if automatically aligned) uses anchors. Otherwise, if you mean that other components in a composite don’t move (in the bounding box) even if the first component moves, that is because automatic alignment is disabled. The first component thus doesn’t have anything to do with the other components.