Switching shapes in VF will not switch

Glyphs 3.1.2 (3151).

I’ve followed the Switching Shapes tutorial to the point.

  • Feature for feature variations pointing to rlig
  • Have alternate glyphs set up
  • rlig feature done and compiled and active
  • Even remove glyphs is set up to all static instances

Still, the font won’t switch the shapes. Not in instance preview, not in the exported file. What am I missing?

Font has three axis, but the rlig feature is quite simple:


condition 300 < wght;
sub dollar by dollar.switch;
sub cent by cent.switch;


In what apps are you testing? During development I would recommend to test in FontGoggles. You probably tried in Illustrator. And it is infamous for its bugs related or variable fonts.

Ah, that was it. Works in Font Goggles. Thanks