Switching to Glyphs 3


I’m considering switching from Glyphs 2 to Glyphs 3 mid project.
What should I be aware of? Anything breaking? :smiley: Any tips?


Just try with a copy of the file. :innocent:

  • You will be put through the automatic alignment dialog once more. Read carefully and decide.
  • You have more options for making the file git-aware:
    • new saving file format .glyphsPackage (equivalent to .glyphs, but splits the data in separate files)
    • custom parameters for suppressing last change dates, and tab contents (‘display strings’)
  • Do not move your plug-ins and scripts over manually, rather install them all through the Plugin Manager.
  • Do update to the latest cutting edge right away. It is nearing the stable release, and is already much better than the current stable version.
  • Other than that, explore the new plug-ins and the updates in the UI (like the new Fit Curve palette), and have fun :slight_smile:

Thanks Rainer, I’m going to give it a go! :sunglasses: