I was wondering if it is possible to create an icon font similar to Symbolset, According to their website, Symbolset “…call symbols with Unicode® values. Symbolsets are semantically mapped with the Unicode Standard.”

In other words, when you type in a certain keyword that is mapped to a Unicode value, the icon appears.

Is it possible to crete a similar icon font with Glyphs, or would it require custom code development?

Yes you can. Technically, these are simply English ligatures, and ligatures should not have Unicode values. But if you really want to do it this way, you can set your own Unicodes with the Don’t Use Nice Names option in Font Info > Other Settings.

This has its downsides though, see the handbook for details, and search the forum, we have had threads about this before.

Just to clarify, with Symbolset if I typed in the word “people” the HTML/CSS would render an icon of a person. You can try a demo on their homepage,

So, I can make a similar font with Glyphs?

Again, yes. You can make the font alright. The HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which are an integral part of symbolset, you’ll have to do yourself, of course.

Sounds good. Thanks for clarifying.