Symmetrify Script not working in Glyphs 1.4.4 (602)

Hi, this wonderful script by justanotherfoundry is not working for me anymore in the latest version of glyphs.

… I use this very often too,
would be pity if no one fix it …

so do I... would be nice to have a fix!

The macro still works for me.

Are you getting any error messages? Use Window > Macro Panel to show the output.

Start Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 62, in cx = layer.bounds.origin.x + 0.5 * layer.bounds.size.width AttributeError: 'NSConcreteValue' object has no attribute 'origin' End

that’s the error in the macro panel. the little window doesn’t appear at all…

Sorry, I can’t make much sense of this erroe message. Looks like Georg needs to help.

I had to change a few things on the python wrapper to fix incompatibility with MacOS 10.6 (the pyObjC bridge seems to be buggy). I will fix this.

fixed it.


Thx vm