Sync Masters’ sidebearings

Hello everyone,

I am currently designing a font which contains 2 masters: Regular and Bold.

I was wondering if there is any simple way to sync LSB and RSB from one master to one other (Regular would be the good one and bold the ‘synced’)? On other words, I don’t want to deal with Bold sidebearings, I’d like them to be synchronised with Regular master.

I have read multiple threads about the Link Metrics to First Master parameter; however it doesn’t work: the sidebearings aren’t the same between the two masters (do I have to reset Bold glyphs LSB+RSB to zero before?). I have put this parameter in the Bold master panel.

Is there any other way such as setting each sidebearing as ==Regular ? That would be so convenient!

Quite new to GlyphsApp (but not in type design) I’m sure my question will be perceived as stupid…

Thanks a lot and take care.


Are you sure the side bearings of the Bold should be the “same” as the Regular? That is very uncommon. If you really need that, you could write a script what copies the side bearings. That wouldn’t be live syncing but good enough.

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Thanks for your quick answer. I know this practice isn’t usual, this is a specific font which require this! I’ll try a script. Thanks!

Hi, there is a script that would be able to copy the sidebearings from one master to the other. Check out mekkablue’s script Steal sidebearings from font, then you select your Regular master as your source and Bold as your destination. It would not continously sync your sidebearings, of course, but you could do this after you’re done spacing your Regular master. You can find mekkablue’s scripts here on GitHub

Hi, I was actually testing this very script at the moment. It is indeed really convenient!