Sync sidebearings for Italic master

Recently I done a LOT of Italics (phew) and figured out that side bearings without a metrics key is almost always the same on Roman and Italic. Therefor I propose a function to sync the side bearing on Italic Masters. This would speed up the process and be very helpful. Maybe something like a checkbox somewhere so it’s optional? Cheers!

Are the upright and italic masters in the same file?

Yes, exactly!

That came up before. There is one option but that is probably to rigid: add a “Link Metrics With Master” parameter to the italic master. But that syncs the width, not the sidebearing.

Other then that, it probably better to use a script (Rainer most likely has one :wink:

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Suggestion: Maybe we could have a master referral (#) in the metrics keys? By number or name. The same way we can use @ for position referral.

Examples: =O#Light@350 or =O#1@350

Also sometimes useful for other variations, not only italics.

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Yes. Yes. And Yes. That would be so great!

The ‘#’ might work, but I fear that is will have an impact on the performance. I’ll try.

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