Sync Tabs doesn't update when typing last character in a line

I’m trying out the Sync Tabs plugin and at first it didn’t seem to work. Eventually I figured out that updating the other window doesn’t happen as long as the cursor is at the end of a line (or of the whole string in the window).

For example, if I type
nothing appears in the synced window until I move the cursor back from the end of the string. Then if I set the cursor at the beginning of the text and change it to
the string
all syncs as expected, but if I instead set the cursor to the end of the first line to change it to
again there’s no update until I move the cursor somewhere else

Is this a known issue, a new bug, or something screwy with my setup?

It is a known issue. Unfortunately it’s not a bug, but the way Glyphs behaves. It doesn’t run reporter plugins in this particular situation where the cursor is at the EOL. Or at least it doesn’t run them properly because the expected Layer is None.

I mentioned this some time ago, @GeorgSeifert: would it be possible to keep them running? With this plugin I could probably use a different plugin model instead of an reporter (if that makes more sense? I highjacked the reporter here anyway without using actual reporter behaviour).

I have a look.

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Also, “preformatted text” doesn’t seem to work on this forum!

What do you mean with “preformatted text”?

When formatting a post, the formatting bar suggests that the </> button will set off selected text as “preformatted” (I thought it would be boxed, and maybe monospaced), but it doesn’t appear to do anything.
Or didn't before. Now it appears to be working!
(It used to prepend four spaces before the line, now it sets it within single dumb quotes.) [edit: backticks, not dumb quotes]

You can also force it with backticks ` (noncombining spacing grave) and multiline code with triple backticks like this: ``` More about markdown code.