Syncing side bearing metrics across masters

I’m new to using Glyphs and have encountered an issue with keeping my masters aligned while adjusting the LSB and RSB metrics. My file is set up with “link to first master,” however after adjusting and running update metrics, the other layers(masters) don’t appear to be moving in sync.

For context, the will have a base set, outline (like an expanded stroke in illustrator), a block shadow and a cast shadow. due to the outline and different shadow depths, they are all slightly different.

How can I get them to sync? Is there a formula I need to enter on the other masters instead of linking?

I’ve been using Fontlab previously, and this was done by leaving the other styles in the mask layer. Is there a way to achieve a similar effect so updating one, updates all?

The “Link Metrics With First Master” parameter links the width of that layer to the first masters layer. As long as you use the metrics shortcuts of the Text tool, the sidebearings will be changed for all linked masters.

Where did you add the parameter? It has to be in the Masters settings of all but the first master.

Thank you for the input.

On the three additional layers, the link to first master is set on each master under font info.

I’m unsure of what you mean by metric shortcuts of the text tool.

See the Spacing tutorial.

Thank you. That helped.

However, this method seems to only work if I adjust the sidebearings on the lower layers(masters). If I adjust on my top master (Regular) the other styles do not move in sync.

What is a top master?

The top layer is the regular and below that are the other styles.

Can you please send me the .glyphs file to support (at) (this website without ‘www’ or ‘forum’). I will have a look.

I’ve sent the file. Thank you for the assistance.

There is a key misunderstanding.

Linking metrics means that the width is linked across masters. Sidebearings would be way to volatile and would involve a lot of guesswork.

If you want to move all paths at once to the right or left, then it is better to use the Select All tool. You select all the paths of all layers (with the open eye symbol), and move them with (Shift-)arrow keys.

Or in your case, consider setting it up as CPAL (color palette) font. There is a tutorial for this.

I just saw that when you change the sidebearing with the text tool shortcuts, it will sync all other masters only if you be in a linked master, not when you are in the linked-too master. I’ll have a look.