Syntax error at "sub" missing TAG


After creating a letter in an already existing alphabet, at the time of export, I have this error:
Error: “syntax error at “sub” missing TAG [features.fea 68” in Feature liga in line: 2
And when I go to see the “liga” feature in the “features.fea”

I have this:
feature liga {
script ;
sub f i by fi;
sub f l by fl;

} liga ;

Sorry I’m new on Glyphs. Thanks for the help.

Missing the script tag latn.

Please read the tutorial about importing existing fonts.

I’m sorry, I hope it’s not to late to answer …
but i’dont understand what I’m supposed to do.
Maybe it’s in relation with “OpenType Features” on your tutorial.
I paid the software and I thought it would be more ergonomic and playful …

What the tutorial is trying to get across is that you cannot just change one letter, save it and you’re done. Fonts are more complex than that. First of all, they are compiled binaries that need reverse-engineering to turn them into a .glyphs file. And not all information that was in the compiled .otf can be reverse-engineered reliably, especially OpenType features.

What prevents your font from exporting properly are those OpenType features. They do not work

If you do not care about or do not want to deal with OpenType features, just select them in the sidebar of File > Font Info > Features, and delete them with the minus button in the bottom left corner of the window, then export again.

If you do want to retain or reconstruct your OpenType features, I am afraid there is no way around learning about OT features, and how they are written. There are a few tutorials in the Tutorials section, and there are many resources on the web, including Tal Leming’s excellent OpenType Cookbook.

Thank you so much ! it works.