Syntax error when compiling a class

Hey everyone. I’m having a weird syntax error after creating a class. I’ve attached a screenshot of the error; the string its referring to is above. I’ve made sure that all the glyphs with their exact names are present in the font. The error message has also been switching between some of the other class members, giving me at “kcommaaccent” or “b” at random times. Can someone help me with this?

Can you check if you have a none braking space or some other none printing character in the class?

Good idea, but it didn’t help. I retyped the whole thing and it still doesnt work, the class content is as follows:
b h k l kcommaaccent hbar lacute lcaron lcommaaccent ldot lslash thorn hcircumflex

Can you please double check: Do you have all those glyphs, especially hbar, really in your font and set to export?

Goddamn, you were right, the hbar glyph was mistitled. It works now, sorry for wasting you time.