Sys.path bug

type this into the macro panel:

import sys
print sys.path

see what the output window does. Don’t know if you will experience the same, but on my machine (mavericks so far) it prints the first path stipped into unicode single letters, starting like the following and then prints the other paths normally. this whole thing is there 4 times with different paths. all in total way more than when i do this in the terminal.

[u’/’, u’U’, u’s’, u’e’, u’r’, u’s’, u’/’, u’M’, u’a’, u’r’, u’k’, u’/’, u’L’, u’i’, u’b’, u’r’, u’a’, u’r’, u’y’, u’/’, u’A’, u’p’, u’p’, u’l’, u’i’, u’c’, u’a’, u’t’, u’i’, u’o’, u’n’, u’ ‘, u’S’, u’u’, u’p’, u’p’, u’o’, u’r’, u’t’, u’/’, u’G’, u’l’, u’y’, u’p’, u’h’, u’s’, u’/’, u’P’, u’l’, u’u’, u’g’, u’i’, u’n’, u’s’, u’/’, u’S’, u’h’, u’o’, u’w’, u’A’, u’n’, u’g’, u’l’, u’e’, u’d’, u’H’, u’a’, u’n’, u’d’, u’l’, u’e’, u’s’, u’.’, u’g’, u’l’, u’y’, u’p’, u’h’, u’s’, u’R’, u’e’, u’p’, u’o’, u’r’, u’t’, u’e’, u’r’, u’/’, u’C’, u’o’, u’n’, u’t’, u’e’, u’n’, u’t’, u’s’, u’/’, u’R’, u’e’, u’s’, u’o’, u’u’, u’r’, u’c’, u’e’, u’s’, u’/Users/Mark/Library/ …

and so on. i can send you a screenshot if you want.

This has to do with some plugins. I cleaned up the sample code a bit.

nice, thank you!

Please redownload the Show Angled Handles plugin, current version is 1.0.2.

EDIT: 1.0.3, sorry, I’ll update the other plugins as well.