Tab labels changed

Recently, maybe even just in the last update I installed (1290) the space glyph in tab labels got replaced by the glyph name (“/space”). I like putting a short description in the first line of each tab so that I can quickly see what is in the tab while I’m working and now it’s quite muddled :confused:

I’d like it to say “Greek LC” here but instead it says “Greek/space LC”:

But actually maybe it would be even better if the tab label only displayed text that was in the first line of the contents of the tab. For example if your tab contains the text “Latin UC\nnnannaooaoo\nnnbnnbooboo…” then the only thing displayed in the tab’s label would be “Latin UC”.


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Interesting idea. Will think about it.

Personally, I use only very few tabs and take the tab content either from a Sample String or a script.

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Would it be possible to make the tab label display the actual space glyph instead of the glyph name again? Pretty please?


Could this please be changed back to how it used to be, with the actual space character instead of the glyph name?

The /space is actually very cumbersome for me because I came to rely on these tab labels. Since February I have been avoiding updating Glyphs so I don’t lose the old tab labels :frowning:



And why not use sample texts?

I fixed it.

Thank yooooooooooou! :slight_smile:

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