Tab switching text boxes from LSB to RSB to Width

(minor issue!)
While in a Text tab, When the LSB box is active, pressing tab takes you to RSB box, but pressing tab again doesn’t take you to the Width?

Other UI-related issues:
-Kerning window does not show pairs until you do something (change masters, search for pairs, etc.)
-Macro Panel has become un-resizable.

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About @oneweioranother’s comment, it makes sense for me to tab-cycle through LSB-Width-RSB too. I don’t know if I want to move to kerning field though, because when I am at earlier stage I do not want to move to kerning or kerning group field. On the other hand, I do not want to move to sidebearings or width field when I’m kerning (I don’t want to move from left kerning field to right one pressing tab thrice).

And sorry, one more UI thing: Glyph Info Window seems always one column too narrow and I need to expand the window to check component recipe.

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I fixed this one. But doing so I need to disable automatic tab ordering for the hole window. So be prepared to find a lot places where it behaves differently or not at all, now.

fixed those two, too.