Tabbing through some fields

A couple of places where hitting Tab does not advance focus to the next field:

  • In the axis mappings table, when adding a new pair, I can’t tab to the second value. (Oddly, when the pair is not new, tab works fine.)
  • When adding an Axis Location custom parameter, I can’t tab from one field to the next.

Add to this: in the Transformations panel, one cannot tab from the reverse-scale button to the horizontal scale field or back.

Any more tabbing idiosyncrasies anyone has come across? Perhaps we can collect them here, and I will file them all in one bug report.

One place that struck me as odd: Stems in the masters window. Tabbing is reversed: You tab from the stem name field to the number field of the next line. So it’s RTL.

The tabbing of the stem fields has already been fixed and will ship in a future release.

I fixed those issues.

In build 3129, I can only tab forward in Axis Location. Shift+Tab does nothing.