Tabular figures in case sensitive features

3.0.4 (3100)
Default figures are oldstyle. And there are additional LF, TF and TOSF.

Automatic case sensitive feature are doing this scheme:

  • sub @default by @case (correct)
  • sub @default by @lf (correct)
  • sub @default by @tf (not correct, should be @tosf by @tf)
  • sub @tosf by @lf (not correct)

Can you send me that file?

Some of the code depends of measurements form the width of some of the numbers.

Same mistake in my file.
3.0.4 (3099)

I just sent a file that has the same problem.

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we at TypeMates have the same issue:

the auto genreated OT-Feature CASE worked well in glypsh2
— just adding .lf variants in oldstyle-default Designs

in Glpyhs3 (v3149) the automatism is not usefull to us
— the auto code guesses that the .tf variants of currencies or interpunction might fit the proprtional CASE feature

Could you send me that file?

It looks for .lf and .tf and it depends on the default figures.