Tashkeel marks positioning on VF

As you can see above some of the tashkeel marks messes up as it goes towards the heavier weight though everything is on point in the ttfs as you can see below

Can you send me the .glyphs file and the sample string?


In which app?

The testing? on axis-praxis

Same in different browsers?

I have fixed the problem.

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The same issue is present in other browsers

so do i need to download a cutting edge version for this bug to be fixed?

ok updated to the cutting edge version and it’s working now
thank you Georg

I did another export and i can still see the issue present it’s less with the fatha but still exists as you can see below

I fixed it.

I’m on Glyphs 2.5.1 -which is the newest version available. when i check for updates-
and the issue still unsolved

Please have a little more patience until the next cutting edge version is uploaded.

The update is up.

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Thank you works fine now