Temporarily test style linking without installing fonts?

I’m generating final fonts with final names, but is there a way to test style linking for a multi weight with italics family in apps like Text Edit (or ones that mimic it) without actually installing the fonts on the system?

Trying to avoid potential cache issues. I use the Adobe font folder for versions of the font while developing, but they don’t show up in Text Edit when temporarily located there.

There’s a test install option that requires at least app restarts, occasionally logging out and back in again.

Thanks. I have seen that check box option, but hadn’t used yet :slight_smile:

So I can export the final font files with their final names… test the linking… correct any issues… then re-export the corrected final files with the exact same name… and install on system as final?

Edit: Just found the writeup about ‘test install’ in the handbook.

YMMV. The font will stay in memory until you log out. After reexporting, usually it suffices to restart TextEdit. Once I remember I needed to reboot. But it’s been a while.

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Thanks for the feedback Rainer. Helps. Good to be more aware of using this option for future too.

I export test fonts into /Users/myUsername/Library/Fonts they appear in all the apps. Creating a folder inside the Fonts called Test or whatever helps me to remember that I can delete those font files anytime.

That’s good. Are you able to export and install font files of the exact same name there without cache issues? So the updated fonts show up with no real glitches.

I usually use some sort of progressive naming version in development and testing, but sometimes right at the end the names become final.

Directly exporting into the systems Fonts folder will cause a lot problems with font caches and such.

/System/Library/Fonts is different than the other one. Actually I’ve never encountered any caching issues. I’m just exporting with the same name (no installation via fontbook or etc) and it updates without a problem. Usually inDesign is slow but it’s just maybe I have an older version of it.

I have not tested in the latest Ventura, but all caching is hooked to the filename. So if you do this, I suggest you do so with different filenames every time. There is ascripted solution already, see the Eliminating Font Cache Problems tutorial.

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