Testing web-font

Hello Everyone!
Could you please help me understand how I can test my web-font on both computers and mobile devices? Maybe this info is given in tutorial and i’m missing it?
Thank you!!!

  1. Export Webfonts
  2. Make an HTML with CSS
  3. Open it in a browser

For step 2, there is a script in my repo, Test > Make Webfont Test HTML. Do you need help with the other steps?


  1. Export webfonts
  2. Drag them into this page: http://www.impallari.com/testing/
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Hi Guys!
Both solutions work, thank you very much!

Hi there guys. I am doing the exact same process and I am getting nothing.
I have exported .woff and .woff2 files to a specific folder that is also the export destination on glyphs app and I have also added the webfont test html on scripts and when I click on it, it does nothing

What process do you mean? There are several mentioned above.

I am talking about using mekkablue script. I did the exact same process and i didn’t get anything.
Although i tested http://www.impallari.com/testing/
But the website is not opening looks like it is out of service

Follow this link, its a clone of Impallari’s testing page.

Which error message do you get in the Macro Window?