Text looks awful when tested on different sizes


Can anyone help me understand why my font has multi coloured artifacts around letters when being tested on small sizes!


I have already tried to disable subroutines, disable hinting, replace curve segments into straight segments, but nothing helps.

I’m trying to attach the screenshot of my font, so hopefully png file will be attached and visible to everyone.


Where are you testing?

I’m testing on http://www.cyreal.org/Font-Testing-Page/index.php

I mean what browser/operating system.

And can you post a screenshot of on of the glyphs from within Glyphs with outlines visible.

I tried both Safari and Google Chrome on Mac OS. I’m attaching the screenshot of outlines and the design itself so you can understand why I have so many points

The rendering is fine. the artefacts are actually subpixels. At 1:1 pixel size on the screen they do not appear colored. Google the term subpixel rendering.

not to say that this type probably is not intended for these sizes anyway…