Text-Mode not working. Can not type


i just started the trial and have some issues with text mode.

i imported source sans from ufo. now the text mode does not seem to work. when i am in text mode i can change cursor position by clicking left or right to the glyph or by using arrow keys. but i can not type any characters. when holding space the cursor is hidden until release. it is also not possible to select a sample text.

what am i doing wrong? might there be a lock option somewhere?


Do you have the Text tool (T) selected?

Also, try updating to the latest cutting edge version via Glyphs > Preferences > Updates. There was an issue once where the cursor would get stuck, but it is fixed in the recent betas.

i just started the trial and had installed the latest (non beta) version.

it seems there was an issue where the glyphs did not have unicodes associated to them. there was no grey 4 digit hex number next to the glyph names in the overview. strangely exporting the font worked.

i selected the glyphs and used “Update Glyph Info”. i am not sure what this should do. it instantaneously added the missing unicodes, but also presented a dialog saying: “Do you want to update Metrics Keys in all referencing Glyphs?” i pressed cancel on this dialog. still the unicode was added.

might this be a bug? or might there even be a bug with assigning unicodes to glyphs when opening a ufo?

many thanks

In order to type a letter, it must have a Unicode. The Update Glyphs Info command reestablishes the relationship between glyph name and Unicode. The canceling affected only the metrics key update. Since you opened a UFO, I assume it did not have any metrics keys, so that does not matter.

I assume there was something wrong in the UFO or the UFO import. If the glyphs in the UFO have Unicode values assigned, Glyphs will keep them. If not, it will only add them if you tell it to do so with the Update Glyph Info command.

How did you import the UFO?

i used the file -> open dialog and selected the .ufo

I had a look at Source Sans, and opened one of the UFOs. It did not contain any Unicode information. The problem was within the file.

thank you for checking.

how was it possible for the font to work after export, without the unicode information. are there other means of lookup?

Depends in your Other Settings in Font Info I guess. If Custom Naming is off, it may be doing the Update Glyph Info step at export time.