Text Preview: How to toggle between and view "feature" glyphs

Is there a way to select alternate viewing settings for the glyphs shown in the Text Preview window? For example, switch back and forth between Default figures and Oldstyle figures and/or between the Default “a” and its “a.ss01” Stylistic Set alternate.
It seems very beneficial for comparing stylistic sets and multiple figure styles within the context of a running text here; however, it doesn’t seem possible.
Am I missing this?
(I’m aware of the “Feature” option at the bottom of the drawing window, that’s not what I’m referring to. I mean via the Window > Text Preview path.)


That is on my list.


Great! It would be super helpful.

For now you can use an external app. E.g. Adobe apps with the Adobe Fonts folder:

Yeah yeah, I have a thorough proofing sheet that I created for InDesign … so very much accustom to using that; however, that workflow requires an export — rather than comparing glyphs live and in-situ, in a separate window, while drawing, prior to deciding it’s time to export.
For example, if I’m working on two glyphs that have a similar shape, I find it beneficial to see those glyphs within their paired/related context … without having to export. I’m sure you’re tired of my picky workflow/set-up requests/questions, and I realize my setup may have to be augmented, given the switch to a new software. But, I’m simply asking questions :slight_smile:

@GeorgSeifert In the meantime, is there a way to type in the name of a glyph and have it appear in the Text Preview window? For example, in RoboFont (sorry to callout other software), one could type /two.onum + [space] and your oldstyle two would appear in the text preview; and/or, you could type /? + [space] and the current glyph you were drawing would appear in the text preview.
For me, this was super helpful in the workflow.
Of course, being able to just choose the feature to apply to the whole sample text was very helpful, having other ways to view single alternates was as well.
Does something like that functionality already exist in Glyphs, too? If yes, can you direct me to where? If no, would this also be something you’d imagine incorporating in future versions?

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I second this :ok_hand:

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Open your InD file and copy/paste the text selection of your choice into the text window of Glyphs.

I understand very well how to use InDesign … that’s an unnecessary step in the workflow. Why would I want to export the .otf to review what I’d like to review while drawing? Thanks though.

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Don’t export the Glyphs file. Just paste any text in whatever order you like in any typeface into the Glyphs text window.

Thanks … unfortunately that doesn’t work except for ligatures. Stylistic Sets and Figure styles don’t copy and paste into Glyphs. Otherwise, that’d’ve been a great workaround for now …