Text Preview window not working for Ethiopic

The text preview window works for the Latin script and the Armenian script, however for Ethiopic it just displays the MacBook’s system font.

Can you type any Latin characters alongside the Ethiopic so see if the font was exported at all. Can you try to export the font normally and see if you get any error message?

Hi George,
Thanks for the response. Attached is a screenshot of Latin letters typed in, as you can see it utilizes the system default latin companion to the Ethiopic. The font I am using is the Google Font Noto Serif Ethiopic font (which has no latin), perhaps you can give it a try on your system.

can you post the Ethiopic text you put into the Text Preview?

Did you try to export the font? I get this error:

Problem compiling “GPOS” table
Subtable Overflow in lookup: 3 type: MarkToBaseAttachment

To avoid that, add a “Use Extension Kerning” to Font > Custom Parameters.

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Hi george, here is the text I used
’ ማንም፡ሰው፡ቢሆን፡የጭካኔ፡ስቃይ፡እንዳይደርስበት፡ወይም፡ከሰብዓዊ፡አፈጻጸም፡ውጭ፡የሆነ፡የተዋረድ፡ተግባር፡ወይም፡ቅጣት፡አይፈጸምበትም ’

Exporting wouldn’t be the issue. What I am trying to resolve is the fact that I can’t use the text window within the glyphs software while designing a Ge’ez font since it isn’t showing the font I am working on.

Here is an image of an Armenian font that displays perfectly fine within the Glyphs text window.

The text preview window does export a font internally but doesn’t report the errors, yet. So you need to make sure that the font can export properly.

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Oh just tried what you mentioned. The text preview for Ethiopic now works. Thank you