Text tool display bug

When using the text tool to edit sidebearings and with the measurement line active, the values for advance width and right side bearing are not updated in the display when entering new values in the properties box. It is actually quite persistent in displaying the old values. See image showing mismatch between entered value and displayed. Without measurement line it seems OK.

Looks like the -18 is from the top left little piece sticking out that distance. That’s what the LSB in the bottom grey info box tells you. It is different fro the exact measurement at the measurement line height.

Or am I confusing your question?

The left -18 is correct. I changed the right from 18 to 20 and the display doesn’t update it, nor the change to the advance.

The measurement line is only displaying values and doesn’t influence the value in the info box. do you have components in the glyph?

It makes no difference if a glyph has components or not. It is the measurement line that makes the difference. If I make an edit, without showing the line, and (for example) change a rsb value from 49 to 59, it shows 59 and the increased advance. If I then activate the line, it will show 49 and the old advance. I got very confused while comparing and fixing metrics of related ligatures by all these seemingly unchanged values, that I clearly remembered having changed. The changes had been made. It is just that the display keeps showing the old values.

do you mean the numbers in the info box or in the numbers in the measurement line?

I mean the light grey numbers directly below the characters. These are not updated when the measurement line is displayed. If I check advance widths and right sidebearings of groups of related characters, that is what I look at.

I still can’t reproduce it. Can you make a screencast?

I don’t seem to be able to upload a movie file here. I’ll mail a movie showing a change to a side bearing from 40 to 80 (not a realistic change), which is only correctly shown in the edit area when I blend out the measurement line. Also note the advance width change not being updated.

You can post a link to dropbox or send the movie to my email (info at this domain).