Text view showing only kerning without sidebearings

For about one day it happened that my text view showed only the kerning marks (blue und yellow colors), but not the sidebearings and not the crosses. I don’t know how this happened, because I can’t get it back again. Was it a hidden shortcut or a bug? In any case, I loved it.

/View/Show Measurement Line - try turning it off

It’s off. Thaty only the measurement line, not the sidebearings (crosses and values)

How about /View/Show Metrics

that hides everything, also the kerning marks.

So you want the behavior of the Ruler Tool inside the Text tool. Temporary activating the ruler tool can be done with Cmd+Ctrl+Option, but I am not sure how to make it persistent(with Show Metrics turned off) when releasing the keys.

no, I don’t want the ruler tool. I only want the kerning marks (small blue and yellow color marks below the character), without the rest.

Got it. You want these little markings without the metrics info.

yes, strangely I had it for one day. After it was gone again. Thats why I wonder if it was a shortcut or a bug!?