Text window cursor color

In a topic started by @Juan in 2020 he spoke about changing the design for the Text Tool cursor tool. Someone even suggested 3 different cursors - one for metrics, one for kerning and one for writing.
No follow up on this and I am running into the same problem: I like to kern with my own strings and I keep the text small(ish). Right now it is very difficult to see that grey line in between the black glyphs. Is it possible to have a slightly wider cursor and one you can change the color of? Like a red, a blue or whatever? That way it’ll stand out.

How big is your text in edit view?
And Yes. Not blue, but a bit bigger.

@GeorgSeifert - Hey Georg, On my iMac I kern at 250 to 330 pts; on my Macbook Pro I kern at 150 to 250 pts

and sometimes even smaller, depending on the font/glyph/string