Texture font is getting overridden by clean font

I have a typeface with a clean and textured version. I have two masters (regular & texture), with 2 accompanying instances. When I export my typeface, two files are saved – “TestOne-Regular.otf” & “TestOne-GrungeRegular.otf”. When I preview the fonts by pressing the spacebar, they preview correctly. The “Regular” shows a clean set of letters and the “GrungeRegular” shows grunge letters. I don’t have the full alphabet for the grunge installed just yet though. I wanted to make sure I could get it to export correctly before spending all of that time inputting letters into Glyphs. Here is where the problem seems to happen. When I test my typeface in Adobe, regardless of me having the clean font, or the textured font selected, it only outputs the clean version. What am I doing wrong?? Here are images that show my settings, as well as some visuals to better explain.

I don’t get any error messages like some of the users in the forum experienced when exporting btw.

this is most likely a font cache problem: https://www.glyphsapp.com/tutorials/eliminating-font-cache-problems

Brilliant! Thanks George. I actually just changed the name of the font family for a quick fix since I am not even settled on a name yet. If I was really set on the name of the typeface, I could definitely see where this tutorial would apply.