Textured font - some contours are still red colored after cleaning

Hi there!
I want to ask about textured fonts.
I clean my glyph with Shift+Alt+Ctrl+T and Shift+Ctrl+R but after that, some contours are still red colored. Is it OK or I must make all contours a not red colored. Will my customers have problems with my font if I leave some contours are red colored?
Many thanks!

Looks like you have the »Show Master Compatibility« View on. You don’t need that in a single master file.

The paths are indeed a little problematic.

Possibly. Read this: https://glyphsapp.com/tutorials/creating-fonts-with-complex-outlines

Thank you very much!

Thank you. But what I must to do?

It is controlled in the lower part of the View menu.

Oh, Thank you.