Thai non-width glyphs

I’m having some difficulties when trying to position combining marks when in context.

When trying to compile the following in Glyphs 2 or fontmake, the contextual replacement doesn’t work (there is no movement in the string at all). Whereas when a colleague exports from Glyphs 3 it behaves as intended.

lookup thaiContext {
	lookupflag UseMarkFilteringSet @AboveMarks;
	pos @BaseForms [maiTho-thai maiTri-thai.small]' @AscendingVowels < -250 0 0 0 >;
	pos [maiTho-thai maiTri-thai.small]' @AscendingVowels < -250 0 0 0 >;
} thaiContext;

I took a look at the two individual fonts and it seems that both maiTri are non-width (0) however in Glyphs2 the zero point is on the right, whereas in Glyphs3 the zero point is on the left.

Is there a way to get Glyphs3 behaviour in Glyphs2/fontmake? Or am I setting up my lookup incorrectly?