The best way to name my instances?

Hey everybody, it’s me again :smile:
This time I need your help about something far less technical than usual :
I want an advice about the way I should create the name and instances names of my font.

My font is Balter Serif. This is the original, plain, standard version.
I don’t want it to show as “Balter Serif Regular” in design softwares. Just “Balter Serif”
I will add some instances to Balter Serif, for example Balter Serif Rusty, Balter Serif Shadow, and so on.
So what would you recommend for filling the 3 first tabs of the Font Info window ?
(I’m a bit lost between Family names and style names…)

Thank you very much !

I used to name the family via filter on each instance.
You could try adding postscript name on it, for example:

familyname: Balter
postscriptFullName: Balter Shadow
postscriptFontName: Balter-Shadow

Thanks @gumpita but I want my “base” style name Balter Serif, then the others Balter Serif XXX.
Becasue they all are Serif.

A bit techy, but worth the read: