The bracket layer does not work with the component in vb font

I need to Make a jump scale in letters’s dot at weights above 200 (in a variable font)
This works if the bracket layer is created for each letter.
But resizing inside the dot component (with a bracket layer) is not passed to the letters (i j).

This is a known issue. I need to have a look.

I can explain with another example.
Suppose the dollar sign is used in that tutorial.
Use as a component in another glyph.
I can send the file if needed.

I am still involved with this problem.
Bracket Layer does not Work on Variable Fonts Components?
In this example, the comma-ar is used in semicolon-ar as a component.

Any update on fixing this issue? I am also stuck at this.
Or is there any workaround?

see gif below, left glyph is “a”, right glyph is “b”
glyph a is using bracket trick successfully,
when add a as a component into glyph b, the bracket trick doesn’t work for b.
the bracket trick should make the shape disappear at 99. The left glyph did, the right glyph didn’t disappear.
Test file:
Variable Color Icon Fonts - color 7 (debugging).glyphs (4.0 KB)