The document can not be opened

I am trying to open a variable font file in Glyphs 3 that was previously edited in Fontlab 7 and I am getting this notification. I am currently using the trial version of Glyphs 3 app and the file was originally created in Glyps 2 app. Also I can not export the font from Fontlab 7 due to a python error or something. Can you please help me?
Στιγμιότυπο 2022-09-28, 6.12.21 μμ

Can you open the file in a text editor and check line 507?

That is what I get.

Then the problem is earlier in the file. Can you send it to me?

Where can I send it? because I wouldn’t like to just post it here. Can you please give me an email.

Send it by email to support at this domain or in a direct message here in the forum.

I have send the file to support email. Please let me know what might be the problem.

I have fixed the file. It was a very old version of Glyph 2 that had written the file.

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Thank you so so much for your quick response and for fixing the file. You have been really really helpful. Great work with Glyphs 3 as well. I really enjoy working with it so far.