The document could not be saved

I’m trying to save a Glyphs file but I get the message “the document could not be saved”.
I can’t save any document either if it’s new or old.
I have the 2.1 version, OS X Yosemite version 10.10.5

This has been fixed. Please update to the latest version.

I did it but the problem persists

Go into Glyphs > Preferences > Updates and activate Cutting Edge Versions, then update again.

I did but it keeps happening and it doesn’t show the filters.

What version do you have now?

Versión 2.2.2

Can you post a screenshot of the exact error message?

I’m from Chile so the software Is in spanish

Can you apply your license again?

It’s not registered and the demo finished the 12 of December I think that it’s the problem