The font contains glyphs with the same name: newGlyph


When I try to export my font, it wont export and keeps reading: "The font contains glyphs with the same name: newGlyph"
And I just dont know what to do, because I am new at this.


Have a look at the end of the font view. There you will find several ‘newGlyphs’s. You probably can delete them all (or rename them to some thing useful.


Glyph names must be unique throughout the font. And there seem to be multiple glyphs that share a name.


Sorry for the silly question, but I am looking for the same help. Where is the “end of the font view” in the UI?


Font View is the main window where you see all the characters in the font. End of Font View means to scroll to the bottom of all the characters in that main window.


Does this apply when we’re first crearting the font, or also when we open up a created *.ttf file? I need to do the latter, and then save some changes. Now while saving I keep seeing this duplicate message.


Check for glyphs with the same name. Glyph names must be unique in the font. Read this please:


Thank you. I’ve read the help. For a collection of fonts in the same set, as identified in the font info -> “master”, is there a way to:

  1. More automatically find duplicates (e.g., by searching the names shown in the error message?)
  2. And change them (maybe remove from “Export”) all together across fonts within the same set?

THe Help is not clear about how to do this. Thanks.


Well, the error message tells you the name, in your case newGlyph. Simply type it in the search field of Font view.

A glyph has layers for all masters. I.e. if you delete a glyph, it is also gone in all masters.