The future of Glyphs :)

truly a great time-saver.

Agree! Lasso would be a very useful tool

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I’ll take a look at those, thanks for the suggestions!

Yes!, my macbook pro 2013 has problems with scrolling glyphs’ list.
Also several lines of text in glyph window make zooming, scrolling a terrible experience.

@GeorgSeifert why it is so lazy?

And upgrading won’t really make a difference. I’m on an almost top spec 2016 MBP 15" and still experience those lags.

Can you please send me the .glyphs file and a screencast of the lagging?
And what version of the app an of MacOS do you have?

I’m on 2.4.2 (1060) and macOS 10.13.1;
Just open something like Source Sans Pro Regular for example.

I recorded a few examples but i feel like there’s a fps cap when i turn screen recording on. Without it the differences are even more emphasised.

Can you send me the text? Just that I can try with the same amount.

And can you try the latest cutting edge version? I improved a view things already.

I just tried the latest cutting edge.
I can’t notice any difference regarding view performance.

I just tried the latest stable version on a MacBook Air from 2013 (with 10.11). I pasted 1 kB of text and it was blazing fast when editing outlines. When zoomed out to see the whole text it is lagging a bit but that is not hindering any work. So it is just a bit annoying. I have an idea on how to improve that.

Why it is so slow for you? Do you have any plugins installed? Those might slow things down.

Plugins installed but none were in use.
I’ll try a fresh install without plugins somewhere and post the results.

PS I’m not really bothered with those lags but one could expect smoother performance these days. At the same time lag is much better than a crash after all!
Glyphs : FontLab VI – 1 : 0 :wink:

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You can try temporarily renaming your plugins folder and restarting the app. It does not need to be in use to be a problem.

Good tip! I just tried that and without plugins i experience same exact performance.

I have been experiencing heavily degraded performance as well. Just like you, it doesn’t matter the font I am working on, as soon as I open a string that goes on few lines usually 5-7 lines it starts lagging like crazy.

This amount of text makes scrolling lagging :confounded:

Same here with the lagging. Running Glyphs cutting edge on a MBP 15" 2015.

Is everyone on 1099? I cannot reproduce the lagging problems in that version anymore.

No lagging on 1099, MBPro 15’’ 2016, Radeon Pro 455 2 GB
Tried 200-500-1000 characters - works fine with 20000-50000 text view width

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Can you record the screen while scrolling etc. (with QuickTime Player perhaps)? I have exact same machine and experience lags.
Are you Sierra or High Sierra?